Critique #1

Alicia¬†has created many different blog posts. For my post, I would be critiquing one of her post entitled¬†Never Stop, Never Rest until Your Good Gets Better & Your Better gets BEST! The reason why I chose this post was because I’ve personally seen how much time and effort she has put into this assignment. I like how in the beginning of her post she includes what her assignment was. It was also a good idea including the message that she was trying to come across in her mash-up. However, while listening to her audio piece, after listening to the mash-up, there’s a long silence that just kept playing. Maybe if there was some type of way to edit that part out, it would be great. With the long silence I felt as though there was something missing that I wasn’t able to hear and it left me wondering for quite some time.

Another thing that she should have included was more information on Pro-Tools. It would have been a great idea if she went more in depth about the different steps she took in Pro-Tools which resulted in the mash-up and explain more about any specific difficulties she may have been faced with. Besides the fact that her post could have been a little more detailed, I think she did an amazing job on her song mash-up. It was a great idea including each song into the blog post, as well as talking about the messages behind each song that she choose. Great Job!

For Melvin, I was going through his blog posts and came across another mashup that he created. The name of his blog post was 2 Song Music Mashup. His mashup consisted of two songs by the artist Pharrell. The two songs were “Happy” and “Get Lucky.” What I loved about this mashup was that he included two songs by the same artist. It made it a little more interested to listen to so that I can hear how well he put the two songs together. Melvin did an outstanding job mashing the songs together because they both went well together. However, I think it would been a little cool if he switched back and forth with the songs more because I felt like I was listening to one of the songs for a while before it switched over to the next song. Another thing was maybe he could have included a little more information in his blog post explaining his step by step process in completing the mashup, it would give the viewers an idea of what he went through while doing the mashup. Other than that, I believe Melvin did a great job.

For Alicia and Melvin’s project, they both did an excellent job in their mashups. Both used ProTools to complete their mashups. While Alicia took a different route and mashed a few songs together, Melvin just did two songs. They both said that it was a little difficult doing the mashup, however they both did a great job!