Change!! It’s up to you!

This is another assignment i choose to “do over”. My first time doing this assignment was great because i was able to pick my favorite quote and share the meaning of it and the best part is the fact that I got to record myself saying it! The assignment can be found on the DS106 audio assignment and it’s called “Quote a Day”.The reason i chose to do this assignment over is because i wanted to share this quote with my fellow DS106 peers. The quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi. When i heard this quote for the first time,it was extremely powerful to me because it struck me in a way that other quotes didn’t.Ghandi was saying that in life everyone wants to see people do great things for example helping an elderly up the stairs or ending world hunger. How do you expect these things to happen if you don’t at least try to fix it. You can’t be sitting down thinking these things are going to be solved overnight because guess what ?!! IT’S NOT. Actions speak louder than words. The reason i said that is because is you don’t at least try to make a change how do you want this problem to be solved. For example: Ending world hunger. It’s not something that will happen in a few days or months or even a year but if you at least try to give food to the local shelter in your neighborhood it’s going to help.You might not feel as if you’re doing much but you don’t know how many people live’s you’re impacting. A small change goes a long way. The main message Gandhi is saying is to challenge yourself and to always be committed to what you’re passionate about changing in the world.



The recorder i used was the Zoom H2N Handy Recorder. I was having some problems with saving it in the beginning but overtime i figured it out. I used this recorder for most of my audio projects because of it’s simplicity.If you’re interested in a small recorder that does a great job of recording i would definitely recommend the Zoom. I had a great experience with this project because i have always loved this quote and this project gave me a great opportunity of sharing the quote with my fellow classmates.

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