A Trip to Remember!!!!

Sony Wonder Technology Lab


One of the things I love about the new syllabus is the fact that we have field trips. For my second field trip I choose to go to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It was definitely a new experience and they had so much to offer. For my first field trip I went to the Museum of the moving image which was really cool, but the Sony wonder technology lab tops it all. When I entered I was given a card, and then I took my picture which was uploaded to the card so when I traveled through the lab I could scan my card and it allows me to do the activities they had all over the lab. One of the first activities my best friend Stephanie and I did was sending a message to another station in the lab. We created our own image and decorated it however we wanted. Then at the end of that activity we got to send it to another station where someone could receive our message. One of the other activities we did was this dance activity, where we went into this dome and the character would do the same dance we were doing.



That was pretty cool but the most exciting part of the entire trip was being a news reporter. The Sony wonder technology lab had this news center set up and you get the opportunity to be the reporter reporting the news. Stephanie and I did the activity and it was really interesting and exciting at the same time. The cameras were facing us and the lines came up to tell us the story we were reporting. We reported news about polar bears and their extinction in the world and what the viewers could do to help.

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It was a very interesting activity because we got to live in the life of a news reporter. I always thought it was easy when I see it on TV, but it’s far from easy because you have to keep looking at the camera while reading properly. One of the difficult things about the activity was how fast the writing was going because you still have to read it at a pace where the viewers could understand what you’re saying. When we finished recording we got a chance to see it on the television on the other side which is the recording listed below. Another activity we did was getting to mix audio. It was a big room with a table set up and a small circle that could fit in your palm and it allows you to mix the audio playing on the table. We scanned our cards and then stated the activity. The song we had to do a mix of was Alicia Keys Empire state of mind. There were three other people in the room participating in the same activity. We all added our own melody to the beat of the song. We had choices of the guitar, bass, drums, and even jazz that we could add to the official song. When we finished the song is played back and it shows our picture and the things we added to make the song sound better. It was definitely a fun activity because who knew adding so much different sounds to one piece of music could make it sound like a completely different song. The song is an R&B song but when we were finished adding our beat to it, it went from R&B to hip hop then to country, jazz and a little techno. Overall it was an amazing trip with a lot of great memories. I wish we had more field trips to go on because the field trips give the students a more broader aspect of Communication Technology as a major and the places we get to visit have a lot of interacting activities for students of all ages.


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  1. Hieee Best Fraaaan!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, but I enjoyed going to the museum even more with you! Hehe…. I had a blast with you. The activities were indeed extremely fun. I liked how you explained all of the different exhibits that we went to and what we did. You went into great details about what we did and your experiences. One suggestion that I have of your post is to maybe include a little more about the recording in the studio part since that was your favorite part. Also don’t forget to TAG your posts so that you can get credit. Other than that I think your post was really good. Great job! 😀

  2. Hey! When I saw your post and the pictures you added. I immediately decided to go to Sony Wonder Lab as well. It was a very worth while trip and I have to thank both you and Stephanie in visiting it first and introducing it. Or else I wouldn’t have been able to find such a place. It is such a fun place. I do not regret visitng it at all. It fitted well with all the age groups, from mothers who wanted to see the technology of their eras,to young teens (the playstation 4 was breathe taking!) to young adults ( the rainbow gem shower). I highly recommand everyone else to visit as well. The fact that it was free was a very big bonus. The only negative side to this trip was, You had to wait to see their high defintion theater. I don’t think there was much people who was willing to wait to see it. But I do understand that it is a movie is more then 30 mins, the wait time is reasonable. I just thought that watching one would’ve made the whole experience all the more worth while. SonyTechnology Wonder lab is definately one of the places worth visitng! Thank you again for sharing your adventure on it, it gave great insight in what to expect when you go into the lab.

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