Saturday Night Cold Streets, Sunday Morning Hot Breakfast Repost/Retrospect

Not going to lie, figuring out how to use the contraption known as “marantz professionalĀ  pmd660” was initially an arduous task. But with time, patience, and little thing called perseverance, I learned and adjusted to it’s not so user friendly interface, it’s small screen that only fit but so many words. It wasn’t a zoom,it wasn’t even a tascam….but I learned to love it for what it was not. I also changed the recordings from MP3 for WAV, for what reason? I’m not entirely sure.


My first recording took place on a cold saturday night in Middle Village Queens, I was at a corner in front of Hugo Tae’s Kwan DO school. I really couldn’t hear what I was recording through the headphones, this was because I had my phones plugged into the wrong socket, I plugged it into the top green socket on my recorder and whenever I did I heard a sound so I thought it was the right place to plug it in. Plus the coil had green lines on it and the socket on the top of the recorder was green. Later I found out that the correct jack to put it in was subtly placed at the bottom of the device. But the recording itself feels cold, you could feel the briskness of the environment. And just how mundane and ordinary the street seems. Just cars passing by, all in the rush to get home and get out of this forsaken frozen wasteland that has become of New York during these past few weeks.



My second recording took place in the ever so pleasant (sarcasm) streets of Brooklyn East New York inside a corner store (or Bodega as some would like to call it). The Lively hood of the store just comes out in this recording.Most of people coming in are ordering breakfast, I was placed right in front of the counter and you can almost hear how uncomfortable some of the customers walking by feel just by the sounds alone.. And it ends on such a perfect note because theirs a conversation going on and you could tell that is about to end but the tone of their voices. And it ends right about at the 5 minute mark.

I became really comfortable with my recorder, and I kept playing with it to understand how it worked and what not. I would definitely use it again.

In retrospect; This was a very difficult outing, I had many prblems with my device and didn’t exactly udnerstand where the mic had to go in at frist so a lot of recordings I mad prior (and possibly even on of these sound clips) to theses were all recorded from the device and not the dynamic mics I was using. When I discovered this I was upset at the fact that I spent an entire day recording things that were not as good as they could be.

My initial point of this post was to get a sounds of different parts of New York city at different times of the day. I was at queens on saturday night on a corner and at Brooklyn on saturday morning in a corner store. The funny thing is, I actually recorded 5 minutes at another corner store before the one I posted on this post. But my mic was even plugged in properly so I got no good audio and luckily I realized this before I got home and put my stuff away so I just went to another corner store (It’s Brooklyn, there’s one on every corner). Both of the people behind the counter’s where real nice to me and keep laughing at the odd scenario I put them and there customers in.

I’m actually not all that happy with these recordings, I’d probably do something like this again, albeit inĀ  different locations. I like the idea of just recording well….normal stuff like a street corner or a corner store, it gives a sort of sense of naturalism to my constructed urban environment.