Promise to remember you

I decided to do the music assignment called music tag. The assignment required that I combine five songs into one. Finding the exact songs were hard for me. Also I didn’t remember the lyrics so I had to look them up. One huge problem i encountered was that I couldn’t use one song because of copyrights. So that caused me to have to switch the first song.

The songs i used were:

Promise by Ciara

Sing about me by Kendrick Lamar

Miss Me by Drake

You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

3 thoughts on “Promise to remember you

  1. Hey I like the selection of the songs which you chose. I also believe I see where you were going with the intention of linking each song not according to the original assignment requirements but to let each song lyrically flow from one into the other around the whole theme of promising to remember a significant other. I may be wrong in that case. Now for the layout of the audio it doesn’t sound like you adjusted the gain levels of the songs, sot there is that sudden change from one song to the next, along with the songs being so close, right next to each other. Lastly I probably know each song here on a familiar level except Ciara, so having the lyrics available would have helped with having the songs close like that.

  2. I really enjoyed your music tag. I liked how all the songs were really gentle. And gentle music is my favorite type! Is it just me or does gentle music does not sound like they are forcing themselves into your ears? I love how the melody of your songs really did correspond nicely. They all seem to be around the same level. Very balanced. Your music tag can be a background music to people who wants to enjoy themselves, and relaxing in their living room. The only problem I heard is the second song. I think the first song, the third and the rest had a very husky and slow tempo. But the second song was too techy? I thought the second song was faster the the rest and wasn’t as smooth? Was the second song the one that had been copy righted? Maybe you could replace the second song with another softer toned song as well.

  3. Interesting choice of songs, it’s cool. Kinda felt like it was a conversation amongst artist through songs. Funny thought.

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