Mix it…Cut it…Fix it.. Audition It

One of the best audio editing software programs around is Adobe Audition. It’s very user friendly and can be learned with little effort. It allows you to do anything from mixing separate tracks to changing sounds with sound effect defaults. So lets start it up. Like every other program you click to open i and after audition is done loading, it presents you with the basic structure for which you will be using. On the upper left you have the simple waveform option which is for single track editing. Next to that is the Multitrack option which is for multiple track mixing and editing. Below those options is the panel which shows the names of the audio files which are opened for use in the program.


On the center-right side of the program is the main section which displays the audio track and its waveform. Here is where you can view the whole track or zoom in to see shorter increments of the track. It allows you to adjust volume for the whole track or individually for the left or right channel. This section also has the simple play/stop and record options. Below this section is another section which displays the levels of your track. Here you can view the level of dB’s. On the left side of the program there is a panel which is below the file panel and this is the primary editing panel for sound. It allows you to add sound effects, markers, and to search for other media to include. You can choose effects such as reverb, am radio, underwater, and many other variations.

When you want to edit a sound track you simply go to file and open. Select the file and it will appear in the file tab. Then you can chose to add any sound effects to it or adjust the volume to the entire track or to the left or right channels. You can right click on the track and split the track which would allow you to separate it into parts. You can even delete parts of the track completely. When mixing multiple tracks together the room for editing drastically increases. They’re  various combinations of mixing and editing productions that can be done. After you’re done you can save the multitracks together as one and also change to output format to mp3. This is a simple tutorial of the basics for adobe audition. It holds a lot more features and details. Once you give it a try you’ll see how efficient it really is.

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