Critque on “That’s An Emergency?”

First of Kwesi’s  sound project was rather funny. The dialogue was funny sketch comedy esq and the delivery was pretty well done. I liked the slight jab he made at people who are waaaay too into their animals. The frantic tone of the woman calling 911 and what she said was actually pretty believable in terms of what an actual pet-obsessed person would say in a call like that.  I would of liked to know exactly who you got to do those voices though. Also, I think you missed an opportunity in your blog post to really get in detail on how you actually made this project. For example, you say ” I used Adobe Audition to do all the editing and this time it was a little more interesting” but you don’t say what tools you use in the program to get the sounds you wanted. However you do state the progress you’ve made from our own project to this one.

Overall while I did like this project, your blog post left me wanting more in terms of the “how two’s” of what you actually did. Not that you need to say every little detail, but just a little more exposition would of been nice.