The Twisted Nightmare





For my sound project, I decided to create my version of a nightmare. The process of creating this mashup was really fun. This idea came from an audio bank project on the DS106 website. I used different audio clips from that gave off a “creepy,” “horror” feel. Me personally, I’m a HUGE fan of horror movies. “Insidious” and “A Haunting in Connecticut” are a few of my favorite movies to watch.

The sound clips I used were on I setup an account and took some time to google keywords such as “Screams,” Laughter” and “Walking.” The whole dream is a story from beginning to end. In the beginning you can hear the person playing and walking through a field as the nursery rhyme dies out. Embedded throughout the track I sped up the heartbeat and pattern of breathing through Audacity. I also used sounds that were played backwards in order to create a creepy effect. At the end of the nightmare I added a slice clip to show that the listener has reached the point of no return.. Mwuahahahahahahaaa!! (evil laugh)


My goal of this project was to scare the hell out of you guys. This definitely creeped me out when I first heard it playback all together. Although this project isn’t a movie, I wanted listeners to actually feel like they were apart of the nightmare. Sounds often trigger fears. In this article by The New York Times it describes how sounds trigger emotions and may cause people to have frequent outbursts of rage or sadness.

I used Pro Tools to combine my clips to create my project. I’ve never used Pro Tools before so it was really interesting putting together this masterpiece. I don’t think I’m a pro at Pro Tools (wink, wink) but I would probably use it again. I’m more of a fan of Audacity as compared to Pro Tools because Audacity is much more simple. Their aren’t a lot of buttons and knobs to control audio. Overall I had a great time making this “NightMare” and I hope you guys also find it very creepy. PLEASE SHARE!

3 thoughts on “The Twisted Nightmare

  1. I think it is great you decided to use Pro Tools and break out of your comfort zone from Audacity which is easier to understand and use. I think your choice of sounds work well and blended together. The child laughing with the walking and the nursery rhyme playing in the background worked well, and I liked how you sped up the heartbeat to compliment the heavy breathing. The heavy breathing and heartbeats stop suddenly however, and in the end is that supposed to be the sound of a blade slicing? For me it didn’t scare me, the name of the post also helped to prepare listeners for what was to come. But overall I think it really was a good project overall.

  2. That was actually creepier than I thought it would be. I like all of the sounds especially how it started off with the toy then it just breaks. I was able to see a story of someone running and a little girl about to get killed. I thought it would of been more scary if you had the girl scream a little bit louder so that it would have caught the listener off guard.

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