Misleading Teacups

The Tea Cup meltdown

The project was first discussed in class with my fellow teammate’s Jayson and Kahlil. The concept was developed during a discussion in class. After the idea was verified among my group members, we decided to start recording in the suit. It took one class session to finish. For this project we decided to do something different from then the projects in the DS 106 bank. The idea of our project was we will pretend that we are in the amusement park. After we record our own voices we will add the background noises of our desired environment. Our mission is to make this sound as real and as exciting as possible.

My team and I recorded inside a enclosed room; the editing suite. The materials we used was the MXL microphone USB 008m condenser Microphone. We connected the microphone usb into the computer and opened audacity to start recording. For the placement of our levels during recording, we gathered in a semi circle. Where Jason sat to the left of the microphone, I sat to the right, and Kahlil was to stand in the front. The microphone seems to pick up the sound around it well, for even as Kahlil was standing on a higher level away from the Microphone his voice for the recording was still clear.

In the beginning stages, we wanted to write a script but decided that it would be much more fun if we improvised on the spot. The sounds for the background was found on YouTube, and converted to mp3 format. The three background noises I used are:

In the beginning of our Audio, we tried to give the audience a visual idea of us entering into the amusement park through the usage of sound. The noise of the back ground is then edited to sound louder as we enter into the amusement park. In audacity, I used the fade in effect. As the audio of the story played, I tried to incorporate different sounds, giving the effect that we are walking pass all sorts of rides. I used the dialogue in the audio as my reference to which part of the park we were in. As the group enter the amusement park, the first site they pass through is the kid amusement park. In this area of the park there is the Tea Cup ride and the other rides. In order to fake the affect of the kiddie rides, I stripped from the video of the carnival where young children is screaming. The trio later continue their way into the amusement park, and goes to the teen section. The sounds of the teens were altered to echo and sound less sharp from the children screaming. For the end of the audio, sounds where the announcer speaks and the belt is clicked into place was stripped to give the sense that the trio is seated onto the roller coaster and ready to take off.