That’s An Emergency?

Help it’s an emergency!!! Ever made an emergency call to 911? Hopefully if you have, it wasn’t anything life threatening. But on a less tense note, for those who have never made a 911 call what if you can recreate your own call? That was the main idea of this project that I did from the ds 106 audio assignments. The purpose of the assignment was to create a recording of a 911 emergency how you think it would be but be creative. I chose to do a short ridiculous 911 phone call. I used Adobe Audition to do all the editing and this time it was a little more interesting. Previously I’d done a project that would’ve been better if I captured the realistic essence of it. For example, obtaining or recreating actual restaurant sounds would’ve made my past project way better. But for this project I did my best to create the sounds of those who work as the phone recipients for 911 emergencies. It was also cool to make the phone call recording sound like an actual voice on the phone. All these effects were available on audition. The phone call and dog bark samples were downloaded via YouTube. The realistic touch was provided by the background office sounds which would through the point of view of the recipient.  I thought the project came out very well. Once again I also used the H2N Zoom for the initial voice recordings. Hope you enjoy listening to the ridiculous phone call.

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3 thoughts on “That’s An Emergency?

  1. Great job on this project it sounded like a real phone conversation except for the office noise because its not like you can really hear that at a police station. All together your idea was great and I enjoyed listening to it . Great Job.

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  3. I sounded like a real police station operator phonec conversation. The effect of the line going through added onto the details. The storyline was interesting. A missing chihuahua and a over- reacting owner. Everything sounded so legit! As if it was something you would see in the news. I think it is in large due to the muffled? or echoey sound of the operator and the woman on the phone. I thought your project revealed the characteristic of the woman owner very well. What owner dyes their pet purple and blue? Probably a very creative one. A Very Dramatic woman as well. I can’t help but raise an eyebrow when she suddenly compared her missing dog to a more intense situation. She sounded like she was genuinely worried too when she found her dog! Props to the acting skills of the voice actors. When I was listening to your project I can’t help but want to be in the place of the operator. I thought your operator was too nice to the lady, she was making small talk with the lady. I thought that was very funny. I would say the background of the offfice seemed to be a little awkward for a police station also, in agreement with the comment above.

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