Friends Faking it to get to Fun Rides

This project was not found in the DS106 bank, but was an original idea which turned into a group project. So for this project we had 3 members for the group who were Laywah, Khalil and myself Jayson. The idea for this project was to create a story of three friends at an amusement park (Coney Island for example), and two of the friends manage to trick the other friend into going on a ride they don’t want to go on.

Laywah was the originator for this group idea and the one who added the sound effects, while Khalil and myself recorded the dialogue and edit the voices.

So to record audio we decided to use one of the editing suites and to employ one of the USB microphones to record our selves together. After deciding on the type of scenario we wanted to create, we proceeded to record the dialogue by improvising our parts instead of writing out our parts. This was preferred so we could have that authentic feel for speaking against each other and that the skit wouldn’t sound overtly stunted.

In the editing suite we all surrounded the microphone. I sat close to the microphone on the right, Khalil was standing directly away from the mic, and Laywah was on the right side of the mic. This placement was done to also add to authentic feel of the distance of the voices being recorded, to replicate an environment as if we were at an actual amusement park and someone was recording us as we had our conversations.



One thought on “Friends Faking it to get to Fun Rides

  1. Very good idea guys. The audio was a bit loud and at certain times I cant really hear what Jason is saying but I do like the setup. It takes imagination to come up with themes like a conversation before getting on a ride. I applaud all of you guys for your effort but like I said at times the vocals were a little off in my opinion but your project was still so awesome I cant wait to see more .

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