Here is How You Rock out Till to Tomorrow

For this assignment we were asked to create a story using audio snippets form songs for the DS106 assignment named Music Tag. This assignment placed more emphasis on the lyrics of each song used and the requirement was that the last word of each clip used had to be the first word of the next clip. I also took on the other challenge in using different genres and decades.

The songs I used for the story with corresponding lyrics are as follows:

Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas (2010)

I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
Now, now, rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay – Sha Na Na cover (1968)

Rock (rock) – oh baby – rock (rock) – oh baby – rock (rock)
Oh baby – rock (rock) – oh baby
Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay, it will never die
It was meant to be that way, though I don’t know why
I don’t care what people say, rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay

Stay – Rihanna (2013)

I want you to stay.                                                                                                             Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ’cause I need this hole gone

Gone – Switchfoot (2003)

Gone, like yesterday is gone
Like history is gone
Just try and prove me wrong and
pretend like you’re immortal.                                                                                           She said, he said, live like no tomorrow

Annie – Tomorrow (1977)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You’re always a day away                                                                                          Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You’re always a day away …

The challenge for me was not knowing the songs since I knew all the songs I used, I just couldn’t remember all of them be name, but choruses and hooks from songs are usually the most remembered parts of songs.
This project also reminded me of creating mix-tapes on cassettes back in the 1990s. This small documentary is of rapper Nas talking about creating mix-tapes by listening to the radio and having to record the songs you want and also to make sure you didn’t re-record over the portion of tape you recorded the songs on, in addition to getting full versions of the songs you wanted in the order you wanted. In these times if you wanted to have the songs you heard at a show or on the radio you would listen for when it was in rotation on the stations playing hip hop or rap.
This short clip more or less sums up how what was known as mix-tapes in the past were created compared to how in this current day a mix-tape is simply done by dragging and dropping songs on a computer into a playlist.
I used a similar approach to making the sound story without using a vinyl cassette. I used Audition for this project and I used the multi-track editing for this project. For each song I first researched the lyrics for each song so that my editing would make sense. Then after I had the lyrics, I was able to source the position of the audio clip in relation to the selected lyrics and using the the selection and cut tools in Audition, I was then able to select and cut the portions of the song I needed. I then was able to line up each audio clip in 5 tracks below each other and line up the end of each track with the beginning of the corresponding clip so the clip could be continuous. I also altered the gain on clips where needed, so that I didn’t have some clips being louder or quieter in than the next and the volume wouldn’t be jumping from song to song greatly.


3 thoughts on “Here is How You Rock out Till to Tomorrow

  1. This assignment seem like it could be difficult because having to find 5 or 7 different songs that could all make since when edited together is HARD! I applaud you because you did a great job at it. The switching to each song made a lot of since and I could see the effort you put into this because you had to read through each song lyrics and find the point you were going to do the switching. AWESOMENESS!
    very impressive that you found all the songs from different years. I do remember those days when I use to sit up listening to my radio waiting for songs to come on to record them on cassettes it was a pain in the rear; I always feared taping over a song LOL. Overall, this project was interesting to listen too. : )

  2. Your project was very amusing. When I listened to your audio it took me a full minute to know what was going on. I thought it was very strategic that your songs h linked to each to each other through a word from the end of a stanza. It connected well. It was five very differents songs mashed into one. I though the fact that you added the lyrics made it easier for the reader to understand what was going on. And created a contextual version of your Music tag. I thought the fact that you used song from different generations where very unique as well. It stands apart from the rest of the story tags, as it is a topic of it’s own. This can be called the Generation Story Music Tag, where the most popular music from different generations may able to sing about the same topic in different ways.

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