This is a Critique Blog Post. At first I did not know who to choose to do the Critique Blog on..I was searching until I came across these two blog post. I am not sure if I can do any periods but it is time to evaluate theloniusly and dannyn36

I am going to start with theloniusly. First I would like to say is welcome back (lol). I think you did a pretty good job on your post. The sound effects in the background was pretty nice, it did go well with the showdown. I like how you explain what you did just to make the audio good. As you said in your post at end which I agree with, you should have taken away the last air swipe. I think you should have taken away the air swipe and after the person scream and the other person put there sword back you should have stop there. In addition, if you have taken the air/wind part out and keep the water it would have been better. I doubt you was able to get a picture of the two people fighting but if you did it would have been great along with this picture. Also, remember to tell us which audio post you are doing, post a link to it. Overall, you did a good job, I can’t wait to see what is next on your list.



Now dannyn36 I like how you combined Nas and Desire songs it was good. I like how use the acapella version of Nas dong to be mutal to Desire song. I am not going to lie I thought you used reverb on Desire song but I do not think you did. At the end of the song while it was fading and you do not hear the song no more, you should have stop it right there. Also, when you doing an audio project you need to explain what the assignment is about. In general, your project was great and I look forward to your audio projects. Remember, to link the audio Projects you are doing and also, to add pictures to the blog post or the link of the two songs.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.31.59 AM

Good Job!!!!!!!