The Center of My JOY

In this audio project I did is call the Row Row Polyphony. You remember when you in school in music class your teacher make you sing a song for example Row Row Your Boat, one side will start singing it then a few minutes after the other side will follow behind. You have to find a song either sing it or get the music from youtube or anywhere and make it be sung but at different points.

I am not going to lie I almost wanted to sing row row your boat and get it over with but that sound to easy, don’t you think? My choice was to sing a song not find the artist for it. I did not want people to know I sing because I might not sound good but oh well I did it. I try to find songs after songs until I finally found a song. First, I started with Because of You by Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol Singer but it did not work out. Second song was Don’t Mess With My Man by Nivea, but it did not work out. Since I am a church girl, I decided to go for a gospel song. The song I chose was Jesus You’re the Center of my Joy by Richard Smallwood who won six stellar awards. I used Protools since I am use to it more and still learning about the others.

I hope your ears do not hurt when you hear me sing..I know I sound awful but you will get over it. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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