After looking through my syllabus that i made i decided to tweak it a little and make a few adjustments that will make me into a more better student.So far in this course i have learned a lot such as using ProTools .My first time using it was a little difficult but all you need to do is to play around with it and you learn as you go.I enjoyed using it so much that i used it for my song mash-up project! Today our Professor Micheal mentioned about a DJ site where you could mix different kinds of music.The name just so happens to be Mixxx. It look’s really cool and interesting and i would love to learn more about it and use it for my upcoming audio assignments.I also learned how to use Audacity but i prefer ProTools better. My new syllabus is below! Hope the hard work pays off 🙂

March 4th – March 24 :

3 audio Projects , Critique #1 ,Field Trip #1 = 85 points

March 25th – April 24:

Field Trip 2  , 2 Audio Projects = 50 points

April 24th – May 5th :

Presentaton /Tutorial#2 ,Critique #2, 3 Audio Projects,Service # 1,   =105 points

May 5th -May 20th

Comments, 1 Audio Project ,Service#2, Presentaton /Tutorial#1,= 95 points

* Random Attendance – 25 points

My goal is to achieve an A in this class. After adding up my total I would achieve that with doing all of the blog posts leaving me at a total of 622 points

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  1. I really like how simplistic this new and improved syllabus is. I must say though, i like working with both audacity and pro tools. But i prefer audacity because it can be downloaded for free 😀

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