Rock Human Nature

So I saw the ds 106 assignment about a music mashup. I was looking through my library and it took me a while to decide which songs I am going to use. So i finally decided to use Michael Jackson’s human nature and Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat. It took me a while to match up the songs together. I basically used my ear to line up the two tracks.I felt as though the track is a great collaboration of the two songs. Especially since both artist were well known for their R&B music.

Michael Jackson-Human Nature

Aaliyah- Rock The Boat

1 thought on “Rock Human Nature

  1. I think this was a good attempt at trying to synch these songs in a mash up, and especially using Audacity as the post required. I’m not sure if you could have changed to tempo on one or both of the songs to lessen the clash of timing between the two songs since it sounds like you used Human Nature instrumentals and Aliyah’s vocals. Maybe with another program like ProTools you could go a little more in depth with the fine tune editing control.

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