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One of the assignments on our syllabus is to go on a field trip and write about what you learned and possibly do something with audio because after all it is an audio class. For my field trip I decided to go to the Museum of The Moving images. It’s a really great museum and they have lost of interactive things for students and adults to take part in. The interior is all white. They have many displays of great historical yet fun things that would get the attention of a five year old to a person in their 80’s. Have you ever wondered how masks are put on in your favorite movies such as Mrs.Doubtfire? Well, the museum actually has the real costumes the actors wore to the exact makeup they used.


How about television?.. Well, you’re in luck the museum has the timeline that will trace you back to the first black and white television. They also added a new feature on the third floor which has a lot more cooler stuff for students and adults alike to interact with. As you can see in the pictures below the timeline goes back to televisions that were created before you were even born!


One of the most unique things they had was the interactive audio recording. The way it works is that you have to select a scene from many great movies such as Babe, Coming to America, School of Rock and lots more. At first you would get to rehearse the line and then you begin to record the line the character said in the movie. When you’re finished recording they play back the movie but with your voice saying the lines. How cool is that? It’s your chance to shine in the recording studio. This was an extremely fun and unique experience because you have to make sure you say your lines with the character or else it’s not recorded properly. Another great interactive activity they had was the idea of a flipbook. I know what you’re probably thinking “What is that? “ Well, you make any type of movement in front of a screen that’s recording you and then before you leave they make a flipbook of the movements you made. If you’re ever looking for a great museum with lots of interactions, you should definitely check out the Museum of The Moving Images. It’s going to be  an experience of a lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “One,Two,Three.. ACTION!!!

  1. First of all it’s great you went to MOTMI, I’ve been there several times myself especially on Fridays when its free. The history is ok but since it’s the audio that you are more interested in. The ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) was the best part I was interested in and you seemed to enjoy that part the most as you should. Voice overs can be tough but fun. Also you might want to change the category of the post to a Field Trip since you said you went on a field trip in the beginning and the level blog post that it is. The Museum of the Moving Image, maybe they should rename it the Awesome Museum of Media.

  2. The MOTMI looks like a very interesting place to visit. I think it’s really cool to be able to record yourself and playback your voice reciting the movie lines. Who would’ve love to do voice overs. They could’ve made a better name for the museum though. The Museum of the Moving Image sounds like you’re just going to stare at a moving object. I would definitely take the chance to go there one day. Good job on your post though. It would’ve been nice if you could provide a sample of your voice over.

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