We closed our hearts in Vain!


This assignment was knows as an “Over Dramatic Reading”.The purpose of this assignment is to read any type of material. It could be a poem, story and song. The only fun part of it is you’re saying it in a totally different tone of voice.The song I chose was Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. If you ever listened to this song it’s a very upbeat song that’s very popular. I did the total opposite, I recorded the lyrics sad to make more emphasis on the message she’s trying to get across to the viewers.vain

I chose to record the lyrics of the song on the Zoom H2N Handy Recorder. I had previous experience with it and i’s fairly simple to use. I then took my recording and uploaded it to sound cloud and the link is above. This assignment overall was really fun and unique because you get to put your own personal twist onto an original piece!zoom

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1 thought on “We closed our hearts in Vain!

  1. Hey ally4eva! I thought your post was really creative. I never really listened to the song before and after I red you reading of it, I went to YouTube and listened to it. While Miley’s version was very techy and confrontational. The way you portrayed the song was very lost as if broken, and I thought it was a great attempt to portray it differently. The lyrics were very intense, and it fitted well with you melancholic tone. I actually thought your way interpreting the lyric was much more poetic then the songs.
    Something’s I would like to comment on was the length, though I know the project was very straightforward. I actually wanted to hear what you thought of the lyrics. How did you think Miley tried to convey the message? How did you interpret them? What did it remind you of?I believe wrecking ball is very emotional and intense song. And it would be mighty interesting if you explained it and depicted it as if your telling a 5 year old child about this song. How would you do it? I think another really awesome way of doing project, would’ve been to sing it softly, slowly and sadly. Then add the music from the music video inside. Perhaps rip the piano version and align it with your vocal? And do a cover? But reading it solemnly has its merits. The audience sit in silence and listen to you in a personal level.

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