Take Me to the PARTYYY!!!

https://soundcloud.com/stephanie3393/911-whats-your-emergency download This assignment was really funny. “911, What’s Your Emergency” we had to pretend as though we were calling 911 but for an outrageous reason. For my recording, I had my friend Alicia record “911, what’s your emergency.” Then I responded back as though I had a party to attend and needed a ride. I was honestly nervous while recording because I’m not the type to record my voice (don’t like the sound of my voice on audio) but I had too. While recording this audio assignment with the Zoom h2n, I recorded using channel 2 using the internal mic. One thing that I would have changed about my recording was to speak a little louder with more excitement so that it sounded more cool. I would really like to do some more “911 calls” with different other scenarios with more excitement.

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  1. I have seen people do this assignment once before but the only problem I see here is that there is no visible link to the audio. I tried clicking on the picture but it only popped up as a picture Im pretty sure this isn’t a glitch. Remember to double check before embedding and posting any of your post. Your description had me excited but I cant seem to hear your work .

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