Never Stop,Never rest until your good gets better & your better gets BEST!!!


The project i chose to do was the DS106 Assignment “Sound Mashup”. The idea behind this project is to pick some songs that pertains to the message you are trying to get across. You have to tell a message using different songs and the meaning behind every song.The message i was trying to get across to the listeners was to not give up on yourself not matter what you’re going through in life or what difficulties you’re being faced with because  behind every problem is a solution. I chose to record five different songs which all fall into different music categories such as pop,techno and country.The one thing they all have in common was to not give up on yourself.I did my ‘Song Mashup’ by using ProTools.It was my first time using it and at first it looked really confusing and i didn’t get it at all, but when i played around with it i started to understand what i have to do.I had to convert all the songs i wanted to mp3 and then i transfered it into Protools.Then i listened to it carefully and cut out the parts i wanted into my song mashup,the parts i thought was sending the message i was trying to get across.Another problem i was having difficulties with is exporting it into sound cloud, but with Professor’s Michel help i was able to add it into my sound cloud.The songs i chose to do are listed below along with the message it’s trying to get across.I also linked the song so if you wanted to listen to the full version ,you would be able to.

1st Song- Hall of Fame-by The Script ft Will I am

The message behind this song is to not give up on your dreams and goals.It may look like it’s not in your reach but every great thing comes with determination and patience.Another message the song was trying to get across to its listeners is to always find greatness in yourself and work had to achieve that greatness.

2nd Song- The Climb-Miley Cyrus

The message this sone was trying to get across is that in life everything is a climb and sometimes your mind will make you think that you’re never going to get there to achieve that goal.It’s also saying that you have to be strong and keep pushing on.In life it’s not about how fast yo try to achieve that goal the only thing that matters is the process you take to overcome it and in life not everything is going to go perfect sometimes you might fail but it’s about not giving up.

3rd Song-Skyscraper-Demi Lavado

In my opinion Ms.Lavado was trying to tell his fans fight against negativity.When trying to achieve a goal or dream not everyone is going to be your number one fan,you’ll have haters and people trying to bring you down but it’s up to you to overcome the negative comments.The message is also saying find strength within yourself when no one else is there to be your cheerleader.

4th Song-Temporary Home-Carrie Underwood

When listening to this song the title alone gives away the message “Temporary Home”.The message it’s trying to get across is that if you feel as if you’re stuck at one place in life,that doesn’t mean you’re always gonna be stuck there.It’s just your temporary home because there’s greatness within you.

5th Song-Titanium-David Guetta ft Sia

The message this song is trying to get across is to rise up again after you have faced your obstacles.It’s also saying to keep going to and to continue.Another message it was trying to get across is to be strong against your obstacles.The word “Titanium” means against all odds.For example: Olympian Gabbie Douglas never gave up on her dreams of being an Olympian even though she was faced with so many obstacles.


In my opinion, this assignment was really fun and interesting because it gave me the chance to use a different type of tool which was ProTools. I really enjoyed using this program because it was fairly simple. At first it was really confusing but after playing around with it I figured out the tools and the uses of it. One of the fun parts of this assignment was picking out the parts of each song I wanted in my song mash up. One of the difficulties I had with doing this assignment is exporting it but then Professor Michael told me instead of pressing export you have to bounce it to disk. Then I uploaded it to sound cloud and then to sound map. This assignment was really exciting and I loved the message I was trying to get across.


*** Doing this project I was aiming for an A because I tried to include all of the things a level two blog post consist of. I added a creative title along with many links and an overall reflection of this assignment as a whole. I look forward to working on more projects similar to this one.***







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  1. Hey! Just wanted to say your assignment was AMAZING! I really like the message that you wanted to send out to the viewers. Adding your own personal experience about your project was good because it shows that you were learning in the process and everyone has difficulties when they’re first learning about a new software like pro tools. Liked that you also included different hyperlinks in your post. However, while listening to your audio the ending just kept going without any sounds, maybe you could maybe edit that part out? Also, don’t forget to tag post levels in your blogs! But other than that you did a great job hun!! 🙂

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