Lights, Camera…RECORD!


For my field trip assignment I decided to go to the Museum of the Moving Images.This is one of my favorite museums ever. It’s filled with tons of activities to be engaged in. When I first visited this museum it automatically made me excited to start my career in Communications Technology. I’ve seen many great exhibits about technology’s history and how it has evolved. It’s a very educational museum but fun.


My favorite exhibition at the museum was Behind the Screen. This part of the museum explains the history of the moving image. I experienced the many different forms of television and how it evolved throughout time. There were also artifacts which included makeup and costumes from various amounts of different films such as Mrs. Doubtfire.


The most entertaining activity at this exhibition was the recording of the voices. For this activity, we got a chance to be in a “recording studio” and got a chance to do a voice over for characters in different animated movies. First we would choose a movie that we want to record. After that, a scene from a movie will play and then we were given the chance to record that line (with subtitles at the bottom to read along too.) After we recorded the various lines from the movie, we got the chance to listen to a playback of the scene with our voice.


For my movie, I chose to record from¬†The Wizard of Oz.¬†It was really fun because I tried recording it in different voices and accents which made it sound really funny. Some of the lines that I recorded were “Todo, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…We must be over the rainbow!” This was a great field trip. This museum is a great place to go visit, especially CT students. I’ve learned a lot and enjoy doing “behind the screen” type activities. It’s really enjoyable.

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  1. Once again this place sounds so dam cool. I’m definitely more convinced to take a trip over there. I didn’t know that you could choose movies from a list. You could’ve gave a list of the movies that were available to make us more intrigued. Did you know what kind of program they used to make these voice overs? Overall your post was great. The building shape looks interesting. I think if you did the witch from that movie it would’ve been hilarious. “I’m melting, I’m melting,,…oh what a world”. Great job *thumbs up*

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