A Bed of Clouds

My third audio assignment I decided to record a poem. It took me a while to find an interesting poem that captured my attention. While searching for one, I came across this poem by Ashley L. May entitled “A Bed of Clouds.” This poem touched me because it was written from the narrator’s point of view. She explains how she tends to dream a lot. When she dreams, she dreams of nothing but happiness instead of a life with pain. The reason why this poem automatically connected to me is because I often wish I can escape into a different world away from reality where everything is “perfect.”


Recording this assignment was kind of difficult for me because I’m still not comfortable yet recording my voice. I used the Zoom h2n to record this assignment. I recorded it on channel 2 using the internal mic which is on the device. I honestly had a few issues recording this poem because I kept messing up the words. One thing that I would change however on my recording would be to read with a lot more expression. Listening back to my piece now I realize that it sounds kind of mono-toned. This assignment surely made me realize many different ways I could have done it better. I can’t wait to start my next assignment because these past assignments has thought me a lot about audio and the different ways I can improve myself and my assignments.

Zoom rec 2