Ugh! Annoying


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This audio assignment is called “May I Take Your Order?” you have to put on your best accent and pretend you are at McDonalds and order something of their menu. The best part is you have to be picky, be that annoying costumer.

I did this assignment as a group project because when I listened to other examples of people doing this project by themselves, it bored me and it seemed awkward. I thought it would be more fun for the listener to actually hear a real dialogue between different people instead of hearing me talking to myself. The people involved in the project are Kwesi, Jordan and myself. Kwesi was our sound engineer who did close listening with head phones as Jordan and I talked into the MXL USB mic. Kwesi informed us when we were too low or too high. Jordan was the annoying British costumer and I was the cashier.

It was not easy getting this recording good on the first try because it was so hard for me to be serious and  I kept forgetting my line. We also were having a little difficulty with Audacity, (software used to edit audio) but by watching a couple tutorials I had an idea of the basic tools and by trial and error.  Overall I had fun doing this project.