Judgement Day

This is God speaking and it’s time to judge the two of you (Lisa and Tshauna). Just kidding, but lets take a deeper look into both of your blog posts. First lets look at Lisa’s project. You chose to do the audio project “Make em Laugh” via level 3 blog post. For the technical aspects the recording of your voice was nice and clear. There were a couple of peaks here and there for example when you said “papa papa regarder”. Your voice went up slightly but I know it was to add more of an effect and effort for the joke. I really liked the background music that was playing. It added a certain feel to the recording, like a cultural connection. The quality of the music was good. There was a short pause in the beginning before the actual joke began. I think you could’ve edited out those two seconds of delay. Finally we come to the ending of the recording. I really like how you incorporated laughter to make it more realistic. I think you could’ve done a better job with editing the audio for this portion of the recording. For example, the laughter could’ve began to start off before the end of the joke like around “22 seconds”. You also made the volume of the music rise suddenly and that created a little harsh effect, loudness. I think if you lowered the volume of your voice, start the laughter earlier, and left the music volume at the same level it would’ve been even better


For the content of your blog post I think it was acceptable. You explained the purpose of the project. You included pictures to show the application you used. The link for the original assignment was included and you also provided links to the actual joke that you copied. What I would say is that you could’ve had a lot more detail if you explained the process on how you went about doing the project. You could’ve mentioned specific step by step description of how you did it. That would make a big difference for this post. I like the pictures that you added and the video tutorials of how to edit the audio was a plus in┬ámy eyes.


Now onto tshauna’s post which was a level one blog post. I think you did a good job meeting the requirements for the post. There’s one huge problem I must address which is the technical aspect of the project. The audio recording had a few distracting elements such as the sound of movement from the mic and the Hall effect from where you recorded your voice. I’m not too sure as to what your goals were for the recording effects but I would advise you to be careful with recording unwanted noise. It can ruin a good project. The content of the post was good enough. I really liked the quote that you used which was inspired by Bob Marley. Overall I think both post from Lisa and Tshauna were successful at meeting the level of each blog post. You both have room for improvements on your audio editing skills. I look forward to seeing more work from both of you. Good job and keep it up!

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  1. The title Judgement Day caught my attention and then I read this is God speaking that was funny. Thanks for the advice. I hope I do better in the next one for sure.

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