Knocking on Death’s Door

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First sound is glass chattering :

gunshot sound:

fall sound:

woman screaming sound :

ambulance sound:

I’ve always seen it happen on Television, but I have never seen a crime committed in real life.

In this project, I decided to remake a certain situation based on the chronological order of events. These chronological events are of a situation where someone breaks into a store. The sound I used to illustrate someone breaking into the store was used with the sound effect of shattering glasses. As the criminal forcefully trespasses into the property of the store owner. He raises his gun and points it to the clerk. With a tug of his index finger, he pulls the trigger. And the loud sound of the bullet exiting it’s barrel and traveling across the air follows. The sound that happens next, is the sound of a fallen victim. The victim falls with a ‘Thhump’. Just then, a bystander sees that a man has been shot. She widens her eyes in shock, as her jaw open. She lets out a high frightful scream as she stared at the fallen man. She screams once more, this time her scream is filtered from shock to fear. Minutes later, the arrival of an ambulance could be heard as it makes its way into the scene.

Picture of an ambulance

We hear the sound of the ambulance everyday, so what does the sound mean? In this article webpage, the three setting of the siren is explained.

For this project, the main objective is to tell a story with five different sound. These sound will include no verbal communication, the only sounds that can be used are sound effects. The sounds are all stripped from Youtube. The method to how I stripped the video is with a website called, Youtube to MP3. After I converted all the video’s in mp3 format. I uploaded it to Audacity. Rather than fixing and tweaking the effects of each of the audio , I copied and paste the audios to the main.

The assignment is configured with mp3 files that are later saved into a WAV file. The bit rate is 1411.

Reflection: This is my second time using Audacity. And with every use I became more acquainted with the program. In my first project of remixing the sounds, I did not know how to sequence my tracks. And to accommodate this aspect, I tried to cut parts in some songs to let the audio and sound in the other songs be more prominent. In the end, the experiment with the sound remix story telling was rather chaotic. With this next project I tried another concept. I imported all the sounds in order, one after another. Then I moved to the top right hand corner of the computer. There, I saw the copy and paste tool. I began to shade in the part of the audio that I wanted to have in my main track, afterwards I used the copy tool to copy. After I copied the strip of audio I wanted, I moved up to my main track and paste the track I have copied. After I was done with loading all my track into my main, I deleted all the other tracks under it. The tracks under it must be deleted or Audacity would mix all the sounds together. This may have been done in sequence you did not plan.