Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

For my audio project, I decided to go ahead and create a song mashup.

First, I figured out exactly which songs I was going to use and how they would incorporate with one another. In my opinion thats the essential purpose of creating a song mashup, the relationship between the songs. The movie “Frozen” has been a big hit, especially at the Grammy’s. I watched about 20 minutes of the movie at home and turned it off because it was so cheesy I couldn’t take it anymore but it’s one of the best movies of the year at the moment, just not for me.

Frozen_21The track from this movie is called “Do You Want To Build A Snowman.”During the movie Elsa begged and begged for her sister (Anna) to come outside and build a snowman with her. As you hear during the track, ¬†Elsa is very persistent. During the movie Anna did not respond back to (LEFT)Elsa at all so I decided to come up with commentary for what Anna (RIGHT) might have said during that scene.



As far as my goals like I previously stated above, I wanted to make sure my listeners were able to make the connection between the songs I chose for the mashup. I read an essay recently on The Logic of “Mashup” in culture. Mashups were designed in the 1990’s from DJ’s. It was seen as a backlash/taboo against societies norms.

The songs I used in the mashup were:

1. Michael Jackson- Leave Me Alone

2. Shut Up- Black Eyed Peas

3. Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson

4. Guns N’ Roses- You’re Crazy

5. City & Colour- Waiting

6. Beyonce- Drunk In Love

7. Baeur- Do The Harlem Shake

After listening to my project, I hope you were able to distinguish the message I was trying to get across with the lyrics and clips I incorporated into the mashup. I used audacity to import my mp3 files and edited all my tracks on audacity as well. This was actually my first time using Audacity and I learned by playing around with buttons (Not using a tutorial), I usually use Windows Live Movie Maker so this is definitely a step up for me.

Music in general has different emotions. Songs can make you angry, sad or happy. In my case with Elsa and Anna I played the role of Anna, the older sister who views her younger sister as an annoying psychopath. That also was one of my overall influences because of an article I read online called “Does Music and Lyrical Content Influence Human Behavior.”¬†Hopefully you guys found the mashup funny or entertaining, I know I did!

3 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

  1. Hello Maya, first off I just have to say I really loved your project. I loved how you chose to do the movie Frozen because it’s not only one of my favorite movies but the way you did the project overall was really great. I enjoyed the songs you used for it because when it first started off I thought it was a little cheesy ,when they said “Do you want to build a snowman”, but then when the rest of the songs came along, it became very upbeat and fun to listen to. I also read the article and it was really interesting and the author’s point of view was really clear when he said that music is the one thing that could keep all of us going because no matter what you’re going through there’s always a song that could help you in every situation. The songs you chose were really great because it was the total opposite of how the audio first began. I also enjoyed reading about your experience with audacity. The only advise I would give to you is to not have so much songs in your other song mash ups. I also loved how you told a little bit about the story and how you added photos because it gives the readers a knowledge of what the movie was about if they never saw it.Overall I really enjoyed your project and I look forward to hearing more song mash ups. Great Job overall.

  2. Adding On to what Ally said it was good. I love the songs you used but I don’t think a lot of songs was needed in it. I wish I knew what the title of your post was, if you had one it would have been funny for sure. Maybe you can teach me out to use Audacity. This was good though in general.

  3. O.K. Let me join in here. : ) Hello Mjones516!

    I have never seen the movie frozen but I could imagine how boring and cheesy it would be to watch, could be because the movie is aimed towards young people or adults that are forced to watch it because they have children. Even though it might not be my cup of tea ratings don’t lie.
    This is one of my favorite project to listen to because I was cracking up the whole time. I loved the way you took this sweet, innocent and beautiful song that almost touched my heart and you ripped right threw it, if you will. I actually listen to it about two times. I disagree with ally4eva and tshauna92 because I think you used enough songs to really get your point across threw the mix and I would not have mind if you used more, it was very entertaining. You mentioned that you were expressing how Anna the older sister thought her younger sister Elsa was annoying, but you also mentioned that you couldn’t even watch the movie for more than 20mins ; I felt like you were trying to show us how boring and annoying the movie was. (LOL) You used certain songs in the beginning to show this for example: (Leave Me Alone by Micheal Jackson) and (Shut Up by Black Eyed Peas). This also proves your point about how music can alter peoples emotions; because those two songs alone made me realize you are annoyed.
    You also did a good job on playing on the words in the song (Do You Want to Build a Snow Man). You took certain words from the song and matched it with another song using the same words but saying something totally different, I know that must have been a lot of work and took time. That really impressed me.
    The only little negative piece of feed back I could give is that the song ended a little to abruptly for me, just could have had a smoother ending. Also the article about how music could influence human behavior was a stretch didn’t think it was necessary in your blog but I know how it is when your trying to meet that Level three blog. (LOL) All in all, the project was awesome and you definitely got your point across.

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