Walking in the sand


The recorder that I used is the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder. It has an input gain from 0 to +39 DB. Has a lo cut filter with 80Hz high-pass filter. It only records in Mid-side stereo mode,XY stereo mode 2ch and 4ch. This recorder has auto gain. There are three kinds of compressors and limiters. The three kind of compressors are comp1(general), comp2(vocal),comp3(drum). The limiters are limit1(general), limit2(concert), limit3(studio). The sample rate is 44.1/48 KHz. The bit rate is 16 bit. File format can be put in WAV or MP3. This recorder has an internal mic that is directional and bidirectional. There is no transducer in this mic.



The zoom H2n recorder was actually easy to understand. The recordings that I got with my partner Kwesi. My recording was in the atrium by the stairs. My intention was only to get people talking but i manage to get a bunch of other sounds.The sounds that I got was people talking, a rolling cart, and people walking. The frequencies that i heard were really high and a little bit of low frequencies.