Torture of The Bursar Line

For our CT Project we were asked to pick 2 different locations to record audio. It did not matter where, but it had to be 5 minutes long for each clip. First me and Trone got our hands on a DR-100 MK II. We had absolutely no idea how to use this thing so we went to google and simply typed the name of the device in the search box. We then found a link on youtube that showed us how to turn the device on. We also found a PDF Manual on the company brand website. We put in the batteries, turned it on and it seemed to be working pretty fine. After playing with the recorder’s menu we figured out how to actually record using the internal mic and also how to playback our recording on the device itself.

We were told to use an external mic from our professor because the internal mic would not cover the range of sound that had to be recorded. We picked up an XLR cable and attached it to the XLR Microphone. Our device recorded WAV files and it came with 2 channels. We used the left channel to plug in our headphones, then we proceed to find a good location to record. We went to the college bookstore where we were basically kicked out because apparently it’s private property, so then we walked to the cafeteria and noticed all the miserable people standing on the Bursar’s Office Line waiting to pay their bills.

We got some audio of people going up the escalator, a screeching baby and a phone conversation (not our fault she was so loud) a few foul language here and there but overall it was pretty fun. Another thing, everyone that passed by us keep giving us the shady eye like were private investigators or something. I guess they felt uncomfortable, oh well. (Evil Smile)

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  1. You seem to have a complete understanding on how to work your recoreder. It is show in the recording which has some unique sounds.

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