Sounds of friendship, sounds of comfort.

The interesting thing about conversations is you can tell just exactly how well people know each other through the tones alone of their speech. Let alone the language. The little nuances like the banging of cards on a table, the pressing of arms against a table. All of these things make just the sounds alone in this recording feel like a comradely amongst friends.

It was interesting to see just how this sound equipment actually worked. And the added fun of learning and being confused with a partner made it all the better.

5 thoughts on “Sounds of friendship, sounds of comfort.

  1. I really like the title of your post, very creative! However, your post needed a little bit more details, such as what tools you used and maybe any difficulties you had with the assignment. Also your media wasn’t embed so I wasn’t able to listen to your recordings. Other than that, I liked how you started off in your post, very capturing and makes me anxious to listen to the recording!

  2. Hey, I enjoyed your title, It definitely caught my attention, it engaged me as a reader. The only thing I would suggest to you is to include more details into your overall experience. Overall I really enjoyed listening to it

  3. Great title, but due to your not embedding, I had to fight with the link to listen to it. Let us know what equipment you used, what settings. It sounded as though you opened up your gain enough but you set it to record on the left side of 2 channels. For me personally I hope those were yours friends you recorded that discussion in.

  4. You’re title is unique and inviting nice job. It don’t think your’re sound is embedded properly but it happens sometimes so be careful. The description of you’re sound is great, I would have liked to listen to the actual clip. Next time make sure to include you’re final reflection.

  5. Your title is very captivating indeed, and the beginning of the recorder actually gave a very uplifting feel to the whole reecording. I heard laughter, giggles, excitement, conversations were held between students to student and student to friends. The people in your recording seems to be having fun. And the Mic seems to have taken the audio of everyone all around. Some conversations sound very near and close, while others sounds far away. I’ve tend to realize that laughter often have a very loud pitch and can be heard even when it is from far away.

    I liked how you explained the concept of friendship in the very first paragraph of your post. You gave a very true observation, of how a persons voice can tell how a person feels about the other person they are talking too. I also like how your post can expand a topic to a more universal and grand topic. It makes you think, and nod in completely agreement as you read.

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